Expertise and tools for smarter loan reviews and credit management.

With IntelliCredit’s services, you’ll benefit from efficiency, collaboration and transparency delivered by experts with decades of credit experience. Read more about our leadership team.

Smart Loan ReviewTM Service

Regulators say the uncertainty in today’s loan portfolios has never been greater — and the onus is on your institution to quantify and reduce it. This is no time for outdated loan review methods that hold you to endless meetings and countless intrusions. Or for vendors whose first response is a fee increase.

Add IntelliCredit to your list of bidders for your next loan review and benefit from:

Deep Credit Expertise + Online, Real-time Portal

Smart Loan Review
Expert credit review by professionals with decades of credit risk experience (unlike junior CPAs)
Document review by paralegal specialists included
Online portal lets you track progress as it happens, 24/7
Immediate visibility of each write-up, exception and risk-grade change
Real-time exception clearing and grade-change confirmations eliminate back-and-forth hassles
Dramatically faster process all but eliminates constant intrusions and endless meetings
Collaborators stay well informed and up to date — no need to rehash what’s happened/coming when making decisions
12 months free access to our tools and analysis of your entire portfolio (i.e., pricing for risk, collateral valuations, loan vintages)
Comprehensive management and high-level board reports, with public/peer data credit comparisons, are included
We'll MEET or BEAT the price of your last loan review

Benefits you'll gain:

  • Tremendous time savings
  • Fewer meetings and intrusions
  • Huge efficiencies and process transparency
  • 12 months free access to our tools and analysis of your entire portfolio

Our Loan Review Services Deliver Huge Time Savings.
And we'll MATCH or BEAT your last price.

Document Review Services

IntelliCredit offers documentation reviews as part of our loan review service and as an independent offering.

  • Our qualified paralegals perform comprehensive loan documentation reviews – a critical aspect of the loan review process and portfolio health
  • Provided with the flexibility to suit your needs:
    • As part of IntelliCredit's Smart Loan Review Service (a huge differentiator from other providers)
    • As a standalone offering
    • As an ongoing operational service for reviewing documentation as loans are closed, independent of a loan review
  • Documents are inspected for the accuracy, completeness and enforceability of items including promissory notes, deeds of trust/mortgages, security agreements, UCC filings, borrowing resolutions and more.

Credit Consulting Services

Our experts are available to perform additional credit-related consulting services including, but not limited to:

  • Credit Policy Review – IntelliCredit experts review credit policies and procedures, suggest needed changes, and participate in rewriting the guidelines based on findings.
  • Credit Culture Review – Our credit experts engage in reviews with the Board of Directors and executive management to evaluate and opine on the institution's credit culture, policies and procedures compared to the industry’s best practices.

"This is the most substantive and efficient loan review I've experienced in my entire career."

Michael Johnson, Chief Credit Officer
Dogwood State Bank

"We believe the IntelliCredit team has put together the most innovative, efficient — and affordable — credit review process we've seen. It certainly helps that they've developed this solution using their deep credit experience working with community bankers."

Ed Cooney, Chief Executive Officer
Affinity Bank
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