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Smart Loan ReviewTM Web App

Accelerate your institution’s internal loan review process with a cloud-based solution that completely revolutionizes the industry’s decades-old process model — making it simple, organized, trackable and easily repeatable. Anyone in your organization can benefit from shared online access at all times.

  • Online tool easily captures collateral detail, legal documents, credit data, underwriting and servicing characterizations, loan policy adherence, financial spreads and risk grade validations
  • Quickly creates appropriate sample based on user criteria — with ability to track samples over time to avoid duplication
  • “Check out, review and check in” of loan pool documents is efficiently organized and managed
  • Web templates to expedite the process for individual loan write-ups, sample review assessments and summaries such as grade changes, exceptions, etc. — with push button reports
  • Real time exception monitoring and clearing with online access for the entire team — results in huge time savings
  • Fast and easy reporting including delivered Executive Summaries, Board Reports and more
  • Designed by career banking credit experts to conduct flexible and comprehensive reviews on any loan portfolio

Are you a
provider of loan review services?

IntelliCredit designed Smart Loan Review to support both internal reviews and processes provided by external parties. If you are a regulated vendor offering loan review services, your company can greatly benefit from this solution. Contact us to learn more.

Benefits you'll gain:

  • Vast efficiencies throughout the entire process — including real-time collaboration among all team members and multi-engagement production and reporting — reducing review durations
  • Real-time exception clearing and reporting of all findings - greatly expedites the process
  • Automated production of loan review and summary reports, eliminating the time and manual effort of tracking loans in Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Integration with Portfolio Analyzer, enabling smart sampling for more informative and actionable reviews
  • Affordability and practicality from streamlined cloud-based apps — no core system integration required
  • Do-it-yourself cost effectiveness — no need to pay exorbitant prices to vendors or consultants called in to help
  • Unlimited users covered by a single affordable subscription

Portfolio Analyzer

Quickly access insightful analysis of your bank’s credit portfolio and individual loans — without being a spreadsheet guru. Our app was built by credit experts who have done all the hard work, so you easily bring credit intelligence to your entire team.

  • Real-time portfolio analysis with automated uploads of your core system data to our secure cloud-based platform — no integration required
  • Identifies hotspots by loan types, industries, collateral, etc. to get ahead of risk
  • Drill down capabilities to the precise loan-by-loan data comprising each chart, graph, visual and query response
  • Charts, graphs and reports deliver trend and loan-status insights:
    • Emerging risks through tracking loan grade migrations
    • Portfolio industry concentrations and correlated exposures
    • Vintage loans and migrations to ascertain emerging risks
    • Pricing anomalies and related risk in particular risk grade categories
    • Risk trends by product type, lender, geography, etc.
  • COVID-affected, Payment Protection Program (PPP) and Main Street Lending Program loan tracking and monitoring - qualitative and quantitative
  • Custom query tool supports unlimited views of credit performance and risk analysis — and so easy that any staff member can use it

Benefits you'll gain:

  • Huge time savings from empowering team members with instant portfolio and trend analysis (including drill down capabilities) — accessible online, anytime
  • Reductions in losses, achieved by addressing hotspots lurking in various portfolio subsets at the earliest opportunities
  • Ability to write your own credit profile script – before the regulators do it for you
  • View and analyze your portfolio’s credit quality from the same perspective as the career credit experts who designed our purpose-built solution
  • Easy to use query tool enables users to create, save and automate custom reports — extremely valuable for month-end reporting
  • Affordable and practical cloud-based solution with no installation or core-system integration requirements, and no need to hire outside consultants, advisors and accountants to help
  • Unlimited users covered by a single affordable subscription

"This is the most substantive and efficient loan review I've experienced in my entire career."

Michael Johnson, Chief Credit Officer
Dogwood State Bank

"We believe the IntelliCredit team has put together the most innovative, efficient — and affordable — credit review process we've seen. It certainly helps that they've developed this solution using their deep credit experience working with community bankers."

Ed Cooney, Chief Executive Officer
Affinity Bank

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